Angreal is hosted on github.

If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, or suggestions please feel free to open an issue, I’ll do my best to get it addressed.

If you’d like to contribute back to angreal’s code base (or documentation!) feel free to submit a pull request.

Before submitting a merge request, it would be best if you open a new issue that outlines what the problem you wish to solve is (and perhaps see if anyone else is working on it).

Development setup

Angreal uses angreal! Tasks can be confidently run on :

  • linux
  • Windows WSL
  • MacOSX
  1. pip install angreal, install angreal for executing our defined tasks
  2. angreal bootstrap-dev, setup your environment
  3. angreal run-tests, run our test suite

Windows Development Support

I did not have windows in mind when writing initial angreal tasks, they may (probably) won’t work well out of the box.

  1. When running maturin develop you may see failures in the build chain due to OpenSSL not being installed. Installing StrawberryPerl SHOULD take care of that for you.

  2. Tests can be run via cargo test and pytest.